Charity Open License Program For Canada

Canadian Program Definition

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Charity Open License was developed to provide eligible non-profit entities, registered with the Revenue Canada income tax act, with a simple and fairly priced licensing program.

Eligibility in Canada will be based on the following definition: "Registered Charitable organization" means any entity as is defined by Revenue Canada Income Tax act, except i) any entity who is eligible to participate in the Microsoft® Academic Open License program as an "eligible Canadian education customer" as that term is defined in the Microsoft Academic Open License Agreement in effect at the time your order was placed.

Program Offering and Structure

Charity Open License has been designed to offer eligible entities a simple and cost efficient way to purchase software product licenses. Similar to the Corporate Open License 6.0 "Business" offering, the Charity Open License program is structured as follows:

Validation criteria:

Canadian Charity must be registered with Revenue Canada Income Tax Act.

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