Experience the latest performance innovations of the office suite you know and love with WordPerfect® Office 2002 – Standard Edition. This powerful software package delivers outstanding compatibility and a host of time-saving features. Discover advanced word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, along with an e-mail client and address book. WordPerfect Office 2002: Cutting-edge technology. Timeless choice.


Suite-Wide Features
  • Corel® Application Recovery Manager
  • Even greater compatibility
  • The Pocket Oxford™ Dictionary
  • Corel® RealTime Preview
  • Accessibility
  • Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications
  • Backward compatibility
  • True WYSIWYG
  • Suite-wide integration
  • Additional supporting utilities
Word Perfect 10 Features
  • Variables
  • Publish-to-PDF and HTML enhancements
  • Corel® RealTime Preview enhancements
  • Ability to share files with Microsoft® Word users
  • Easy document formatting with Reveal Codes
  • SGML and XML Functionality

Quattro® Pro 10 Features
  • Enhanced charting capabilities
  • Ability to share files with Microsoft® Excel users
  • Large notebook size
  • Dynamic CrossTab Reports

CorelCENTRAL™ 10 Features
  • CorelCENTRAL™ Mail
  • Groupware calendar
  • Compatibility
  • PalmPilot™ compatibility
  • Net2Phone® Pro
Corel Presentations 10 Features
  • Macromedia Flash™ support
  • MP3 sound support
  • Animated GIF support
  • Ability to share files with Microsoft® PowerPoint® users